2020 Top Images from the Photography & Travel Community

We are back at it, publishing the top images produced by the Photography and Travel community for 2020. We had a good number of submissions this year from some really great photographers. We hope you can go through all the submissions, get inspired by the work, find some new people to follow and knock out some great images of your own in 2021. Be sure to also check out the top images from 2019 and 2018 for more inspiration.

In no particular order, these are all the great photographers that contributed. I included a sample image from each photographer, but be sure to follow the links to see the entire collection from each photographer.

Since I did all the work of cultivating this collection, I get to go first! Brent Huntley is a travel and landscape photographer based in Las Vegas. You can find his top 10 images of 2020 right here on Photography and Travel.

Our second photographer is a repeat participant from last year and 2018. Khurt Williams‘ top images from 2020 can be found at islandinthenet.com.

Robert Clay is a photographer that shoot living history events, landscapes and portraits. You can see his collection of favorite 2020 images at RobertClayPhotography.com.

Sally Thomas is a landscape photographer from the UK. She shared her favorite images on her Instagram.

The next featured photographer, Nirmal Baid, brings us some great wildlife images from Africa in his top images on storyateverycorner.com.

Zev Steinhardt is a landscape photographer from Brooklyn, New York. You can find his top 10 images of 2020 at his website.

Jackie Barnes brings us some awesome architectural images from the United Kingdom. Her top images can be seen here on Instagram.

Our next contributor is nature and wildlife photographer Todd Henson, who posted his favorite images of 2020 at ToddHensonPhotography.com.

Our next featured photographer is the talented Vasilij Pshelensky from South Carolina. You can see his top 9 of 2020 on Instragram.

Jacko Leenders is a great travel photographer and this year, due to Covid shut downs, has a great collection of beautiful images from Europe, which are posted on his Instagram page.

Next up is landscape photographer Cynthia Elen, who shared her top images of 2020 on Instagram.

Yoichiro Tsujiuchi is an iPhone Photographer that shared his beautiful shots of Kyoto on Instagram.

The next featured photographer comes from Instagrammer @bigbearphotographyuk, who is an awesome phone photographer! You can see his top 9 from Instagram here.

Fine art photographer Kelley Parker brings us some amazing wildlife images with her top images found on Instagram.

From South Nuremburg, Bavaria, our next photographer Raphael shoots Sony and Fuji (like me!). You can find Raphael’s top nine on Instagram.

Instagrammer Ricardo Jimenez Zepeda brings us a unique and varied collection for our next entry, which you can see on his Instagram.

Nature photographer Nicole Barge shows off a really fun collection of surreal flower, mushroom and animal images, which you can see on her Instagram.

Landscape and Nature Photographer Jim Benson is next on our list. You can find his images at Imagescapepictures.com.


Thanks for all the submissions this year! There are some great photographers with great work done in 2020. We hope you all will stay in touch, and if you didn’t contribute this year, make sure to make some awesome images this year, follow our Facebook group and look for the 2021 announcement.

2 thoughts on “2020 Top Images from the Photography & Travel Community

  1. Interesting to see that the majority of people choose their Instagram post. I think this is a marked change from the last few years where most of the entries were links to a blog post.

    1. Yeah it is interesting. Pinterest is taking over for many photographers it seems. It is much easier, but I like doing a website still.

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