Recommended Travel Accessories


There are so many travel accessories out there, you could buy something new every day.  Unfortunately, most of what you bought would end up being gimmicky junk that you never use.  However, there are some really helpful tools that make travel so much more enjoyable.  We have narrowed down our favorite things to use and recommend to to improve your travel experience.

Phone charging case

Its basically unavoidable at this point.  Your phone battery will not last a full day, and there is nothing more annoying than trying to find a place to plug in and wait for a recharge.  We always travel with phone cases that include an extra battery.  This is usually enough to get us through a day full of using maps and other things on our phone.

There are lots of brands out there, but we think the most dependable and long-lasting battery cases come from Mophie.


Ninety percent of the time, we don’t have need for earplugs, but when you need them, they are invaluable.  We always pack a few pairs just in case we get stuck in a noisy hotel or want some extra help sleeping on a plane.  We recommend buying this big pack for under $10 and you will be set for many years.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for long days on a plane.  They keep your circulation going and are comfortable.  I also love them for a full day of walking.  Our favorite compression socks are the CEP brand, which you can find in many varieties on Amazon.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are amazing when you are traveling with a family.  We almost always pack everyone into one big suitcase so it is key to stay organized.  Everyone gets their own packing cube, plus a packing cube for all our swimsuits.  It is seriously so much nicer than you would ever expect.  There are a lot of cheap packing cubes out there, but we don’t like to deal with broken zippers and replacing junk, so we get the really nice ones from Think Tank.

Power Adapter

If you travel internationally, you will need a power adapter.  Since we usually have to charge computers, phones and camera batteries every night, we like to travel with an adapter that has lots of extra charging ports, like this cheap one on amazon.

Power Bank

Carrying a small power bank with you is almost always a necessity so you can easily charge things on the go when needed.  We use lots of cheap ones, but the break and lose their charge pretty quickly.  If you want one that will last with good performance, this is the one we recommend on Amazon.

Earphone Splitter

If you are travelling with kids and don’t have a tablet for everyone, a head phone splitter will allow two kids (with their own headphones) to share one screen.

Travel Laundry Detergent

You can bring fewer clothes and return with more souvenirs if you do laundry while you are on vacation.  To avoid trying to have to find laundry detergent in a new vacation spot, or packing bulky detergent, travel detergent is so nice.  This pack of 20 is super small and convenient for travel.  It is a bit more expensive than I would like, but completely worth it when you travel for all the hassle you get to avoid.

Luggage Scale

A luggage scale is a must for us when we travel.  I stress  about everything going smoothly still on almost every flight.  Knowing you are under weight before going to the airport is well worth the room a small luggage scale takes up.  It is also nice to pack effectively so you put the heavy stuff where it needs to be before you get to the airport.  This one on Amazon is really slim and light, and comes with a good price tag.

Toiletry Bag

Many years ago, my mom gave us a Yazzi organizer to use as a toiletry bag.  It is seriously the best toiletry bag we have ever used.  For a family that packs all their toiletries together, you will not find anything better.   I wasn’t able to find the exact one we have, but this one on Amazon looks pretty close.  It is well worth the investment, I promise.