About Us

We are the Huntley’s, the family behind Photography & Travel.  Brent is a full-time attorney and Mallory is a stay-at-home mom living in Las Vegas with our two little girls and one boy.

Travel is our passion. While we were in law school, Mallory wanted to visit Europe and we decided to just move there for 5 months instead.  From there, we have tried to just keep going everywhere we can.

We have been to 23 countries now and lived on 3 different continents.  Brent started a blog to share his travel photography while we lived in Budapest in 2010, but we wanted to make something more useful.

We started this site to share all the travel and photography tips we have and introduce readers to all the amazing places this world has to offer.  In addition to our experience traveling and sharing on this site, Brent has been published over 50 times at ImprovePhotography.com, and at various other locations.  He is a moderator at Photog Adventures and he has appeared on several photography and travel podcasts, including Photog Adventures and Latitude.

You can see more of Brent’s photography and our travels on Instagram, @brentdhuntley or by joining our Facebook group.