Recommended Camera Straps and Carrying Systems

Camera straps and carrying systems are one of my favorite accessories.  I have tested dozens of different tools and I have some definite opinions on what straps and systems are the best.

Straps and carrying systems are designed for specific uses so it is difficult to just come out and say one strap is the best for everyone.  It really depends on how you intent to use your camera and where you will be.  Because of this, we broke up our recommendations into different categories.

Our Favorite Camera Straps for Travel

We have two favorite straps for travel that are completely different and accommodate different travel goals.  These two straps are also probably our two favorite overall straps because of what they are great for.

First, the Black Rapid Classic Retro strap is probably my favorite strap for actually wearing.  I like the holster style strap.  It has a quick release to easily pull it off the strap to use on a tripod.  It is very comfortable due to the padding, which also has a pocket that I love for holding an extra battery and memory card.  I love this strap for travel because there are times I don’t want all my gear and that little pocket is perfect for carrying the absolute essentials.  We will have a full review of this strap coming out soon! The link above will take you to Amazon to check the current price.

black rapid retro strap

Second, the Peak Design Leash is one of our favorite straps because it is so slim and takes up no room in the camera bag.  Sometimes we hate how bulky camera straps can be when packing for travel.  This strap ends all that.  On top of that, it is comfortable and takes advantage of Peak Design’s awesome anchoring system, which allows you to quickly remove the strap or alternate it between standard or sling carrying.  We will have a full review of this strap coming soon.  The link above will take you to Amazon if you prefer, or check it out at .

Our Favorite Carrying Systems

We love carrying systems that let us ditch the camera straps so we can wear the camera on our waist or backpack strap.  My favorite carrying system are the Spider Holster, but I also love the and the Cotton Carrier.

Spider Holster is my personal favorite just because of how comfortable it is to use, how easy and secure the attachment mechanism is, and the option of getting a dedicated belt that is really comfortable to use.  If you can afford just one Spider Holster, I recommend the Backpacker Kit.  This allows you to strap the holster to your backpack strap or belt.  If you can also get the Spider Holster SinglePro, the belt is seriously awesome to use.  We will have a full review coming soon.

If you want to save money or don’t like the rather large attachment mechanism from Spider Holster, Peak Design and Cotton Carrier are also great options.

The Cotton Carrier  G3 Strapshot is my favorite option for backpacking.  The Strapshot is not as easy to attach and detach as the Capture Clip, but the Strapshot is much more comfortable to wear on a backpack.  It also is the easiest of the three system to securely hook the camera.  It also has a great option of a security tether.  We will have a full review coming out soon.

The is going to be your cheapest option.  I have two of these and use them all the time.  They are great because they are super easy to detach and swap between your backpack and belt.  They also inlcude a tripod plate in their attachment, which is great if you don’t have  an L bracket.  Check out our brief review of the Peak Design Capture Clip for more details.  The link above will take you to Amazon if you prefer, but Peak Design has granted our readers a sweet discount using .

peak design capture clip

Our Favorite Business Strap

Although most straps will work just fine for more professional shoots, I like to class it up a little bit.  There are a handful of leather straps that I really like.  I find that good leather looks really nice and is very comfortable and durable.  My favorite strap for these occasions, where I want to look a little nicer, is made by Cecilia.  The strap I own and love is the Cecilia Baby Alpaca Wool Leather strap.  One side is soft, comfortable leather.  The other side is a great looking light gray alpaca wool.  Check out our review of the Cecilia Baby Alpaca Wool Leather strap.

Our Favorite Feminine Straps

I don’t know if feminine is the correct adjective, but there is a market out there for bold straps featuring awesome designs that tend to appeal more to the female shooters.  We have tested out a handful of these straps, and our favorites are those made by Capturing Couture.  They are a great value, most around $30, look really great and are comfortable as well.  Check out our review of Capturing Couture  and head over to Amazon, but be sure to check out all their different designs.

Check Out our Other Reviews

We have reviewed a ton of straps that aren’t mentioned here.  While the above straps are our favorites, they may not be right for you.  If that is the case, check out these other options.