Recommended Luggage

When it comes to luggage, lightness and durability are king for us.  We typically travel with just backpacks and one big checks bag for the whole family.  Because of this, the checks bag has to be pretty big, but it also has to be extremely light because we are always pushing the weight limit.  Yes, we are often those annoying people pulling crap out of our checked bag and shoving it in pockets and backpacks to get under weight.

We used to love hard-shell luggage for how light it is, but even with expensive Samsonite luggage, we found that it never lasted too long before it was cracked by airline staff tossing it around.  Because of this, we have gone back to fabric luggage, but still found an amazingly light and, so far, durable luggage.  It is from IT Luggage and is pretty inexpensive on Amazon.

Given all the fees associated with luggage now, we find it easiest to just have everyone carry a backpack and then pack one big luggage bag for the whole family.  This is also a super easy way to deal with luggage because one of us can push the stroller while the other brings the luggage.  Sometimes a carry on can be a great option though whenever you can avoid checking luggage.

My favorite carry-on luggage is actually a camera bag that has removable inserts so you can use it like normal luggage as well.  The ThinkTank Airport Advantage Plus is a seriously high-end piece of luggage.  It has excellent build quality with the best zippers you will find.  The wheels are incredibly smooth and the telescoping handle is extra long and sturdy to make it the easiest to use bag out there.  It does come with a pretty hefty price tag (you can get a bonus gift with our link from ThinkTank), but I think it is worth it.

If you want a more basic, budget friendly carry-on luggage, check out this option from IT Luggage.

Of course, there may be some that want to buy the traditional luggage set.  While I don’t find much need for the medium-size luggage, I could see why some people like it.  If that is you, check out this set from IT Luggage that looks great and comes with an excellent price.