Recommended Travel Clothes


recommended travel clothes

Clothing is such an important part of travelling.  It is the number one thing that will impact your comfort while you travel.  It impacts how light you can pack your bags, how much laundry you will have to do and how comfortable you will be on that long plane ride.

We generally have two approaches to travel clothing.  Most of the time we like to pack versatile, light-weight and high-quality clothing.  sometimes we like to mix those clothes with an assortment of old junky clothes.  The method behind this is to have a pile of clothes we can wear on vacation and then throw away.  While this isn’t great for comfort, it is perfect for those trips where you want extra luggage room for souvenirs.

We can’t give you much advice on packing your old junky clothes, but we have some amazing gear we can recommend if you want lightweight, comfortable and durable travel clothes that will make your vacation that much more enjoyable.

Men’s clothing

Hand’s down, Brent’s favorite travel clothes come from Bluffworks.  These clothes are not cheap, but they are such high quality and so perfectly designed for travel that they are completely worth it.  Brent wears or packs a pair of Bluffworks Chinos and at least one shirt on every vacation.  The pants are so comfortable on the plane and can be worn multiple days without being laundered.  Moreover, the clothes are easily washed in a sink and dry quickly.  Finally, they are packed full of ingenious designs that help for travel, like hidden, zippered pockets.  You can check out our review for more details.

Other clothes that Brent loves to travel with are Moisture wicking shirts.  He really likes Nike Dri-Fit and usually travels with a couple golf polos and a couple t shirts like these shirts and polos you can get on Amazon.  You will love how lightweight and comfortable they are.

Finally, unless we are going to the beach, Brent always likes a full-zip hoodie.  They are the best for for that comfortable sweater feel with the ease of a jacket that is easy to take on and off.  Brent’s favorite line of super comfy zipper hoodies is at Tentree.  He especially loves the super basic Arawan hoodie, but they have lots of options we are sure we would love.

Shoes are the next big thing.  Brent loves his hiking shoes from Garmont and wears them on most trips.  They are a bit more bulky than traditional tennis shoes, but these are so much more comfortable.  They are seriously the best shoes Brent has ever owned.  Super high quality, comfortable, durable, and they have great water protection and grip for any conditions.

women’s clothing

The most important thing that Mallory is concerned about when she travels is being totally comfortable and feeling confident for the million of pictures she plans on taking.  Since Mallory does most the packing for the family and the cost to check luggage is so high, she limits her clothing to only the items that make a statement in the most comfortable way.

One of her favorite pair of pants is from  These items are lightweight, made for travel but still have a ton of personality.  The pants keep you warm, are super comfortable while helping you stay put together when you are sightseeing.

A rule for Mallory when it comes to travel pants is that the have an elastic waistband so she is ready for whatever adventure the day may bring. Lululemon  offers athletic leisure-ware leggings which are cute and comfortable.  Their customer service is amazing and they stand behind their products making them great investments for travel and home.

For the trips which jeans are really most appropriate Mallory turns to jean leggings offered at  The value is crazy and no one has ever noticed they are not a traditional pair of jeans.

Packing tops is where the trouble really begins. Mallory wants to have options, but it is better to have a suitcase full of shirts that make you feel amazing than having a bunch of choices, so investing in tops you love make the trip much more relaxing. has some beautiful staples.

There are several pull-overs with a ton of personality while being totally cozy.  Their shirts come in colors that will conform to the curves of most women with a variation of colors to make any outfit pop. has a large selection of t-shirts with multiple cuts, colors and personality but are simple enough to go with several outfits. For trips that require a more refined wardrobe is a go to stop.  Their clothes are refined and well thought-out while being comfortable and travelling well.  For trips when Mallory is hiking and going to a Broadway show, Garnet Hill has several layering lace tops that can be combined with a more versatile undershirt.