Roman Main Event 2021

The Roman Main Event (formerly MGM Grand Main Event) basketball tournament is always one of my favorite events of the year in Las Vegas. The tournament does a great job of getting good teams in the tournament and provides a great atmosphere. This year it finally felt like other people have figured out how fun it is because it was a pretty full stadium for each game.

I was lucky enough to shoot three of the four games and have highlighted some images in different areas. In this post, I wanted to dump all my images from the games. In the past, I have had some of the players find their images here and reach out for copies. I am always happy to share images with players at no cost.

Championship Game: Arizona v. Michigan

The championship of the Roman Main Event was a great match up between Arizona and Michigan. Arizona pulled off the upset and started getting some national recognition as a top team.

Justin Kier holding the championship belt.

Arizona’s Christian Koloko was named the tournament MVP.

Christian Koloko shows off his his MVP award with teammates Tautvilas Tubelis and Kerr Kriisa.

Christian Koloko poses with Tautvilas Tubelis, Pelle Larsson and Oumar Ballo.

Arizona players pose with the championship belt.

Dalen Terry celebrates the win.

Arizona players pose after the win.

Kerr Kriisa celebrates after winning the championship.

Kerr Kriisa and Jordan Menaugh elevate for the celebrator chest bump while Pelle Larsson and Grant Weitman celebrate on the ground.

Justin Kier and Dalen Terry celebrate the win.

Arizona players pose for pictures after winning.

Press conference after the championship game.

Michigan coach Juwan Howard exchanges a hug with Arizona’s Dalen Terry following the championship game.

Michigan’s Hunter Dickinson elevates over Christian Koloko for the layup.

Christian Koloko takes the shot.

Caleb Houston gets past Oumar Ballo for the layup.

Hunter Dickinson and Kerr Kriisa tangle for a loose ball.

Arizona fans celebrating.

Eli Brooks waits for the screen to come.

Dalen Terry with the dunk.

Dalen Terry leads the breakaway.

I don’t remember why, but there was a ball just hanging out right by me.

Arizona fans celebrate a made basket.

Dalen Terry interacts with the crowd following a big play.

Dalen Terry and Justin Kier chest bump following a big play.

Hunter Dickinson dives for the loose ball.

Oumar Ballo tries to get past Hunter Dickinson.

Christian Koloko gets a dunk.

Arizona coach Tommy Lloyd chats up Justin Kier on the court.

Jace Howard comes down on top of Christian Koloko.

Devante’ Jones gets the shot off after hard contact with Kerr Kriisa.

Frankie Collins sneaks a layup past Oumar Ballo.

Moussa Diabete uses his reach to save the ball.

Dalen Terry gets by Caleb Houston on the fast break.

Eli Brooks makes the pass from the baseline.

Moussa Diabete makes the save out of bounds.

Moussa Diabete gets the dunk over Pelle Larsson.

Frankie Collins dishes to Hunter Dickinson.

Azuolas Tubelis with the dunk.

Michigan fans were down at this point, but these two girls were dancing their hearts out to get on the big screen.

Dalen Terry with the break away for an easy dunk.

Moussa Diabete with the dunk.

It was so fun sitting next to the Arizona bench. These guys were into the game and got pumped for every big play.

Azuolas Tubelis gets mauled by Hunter Dickinson and Moussa Diabete.

Azoulas Tubelis tries to get the shot up past three Michigan defenders and gets rejected.

Christian Koloko with the dunk.

Bennedict Mathurin with the jumper over Frankie Collins.

Frankie Collins dives for the ball.

Caleb Houston hits the reverse layup.

Dalen Terry gets past Caleb Houston for the fast break bucket.

Eli Brooks and Hunter Dickinson to try and block Azoulas Tubelis’ shot.

Caleb Terry with another fast break dunk.

Moussa Diabete with the wrap-around pass.

Arizona v. Wichita State

Arizona got their first win of the tournament over Wichita State.

Morris Udeze wins the jump ball over Christian Koloko.

Another game of the Arizona bench getting into the game.

Tyson Etienne saving the ball.. and almost landing on me.

Qua Grant with the finger roll.

Monzy Jackson’s shoes.

Yet another shot of the Arizona bench.

Justin Kier puts up the shot.

Kerr Kriisa tries to cross over Craig Porter Jr.

Tyson Etienne shoots the three pointer over Azuolas Tubelis.

Morris Udeze gets the shot off between Azuolas Tubelis and Ounmar Ballo.

Bennedict Mathurin with the free lay up.

Monzy Jackson gets the lay up over Dalen Terry.

Qua Grant drives to the hoop.

Kerr Kriisa shoots the three over Qua Grant.

Arizona’s Christian Koloko, Azuolas Tubelis and Bennedict Mathurin fight for position after a free throw.

Christian Koloko puts up the shot in the paint.

Bennedict Mathurin with the contested lay up.

Dalen Terry puts the shot up over Tyson Etienne.

Travis Etienne and Oumar Ballo fight for a loose ball.

Bennedict Mathurin with the easy lay up.

Morris Udeze puts the shot up over Azoulas Tubelis.

Christian Koloko gets a shot up over Monzy Jackson.

Monzy Jackson gets a 3 off with Azoulas Tubelis in his face.

Azoulas Tubelis gets fouled on the shot.

Bennedict Mathurin throws down the dunk.

Bennedict Mathurin throws down the breakaway jam.

Bennedict Mathurin puts up an open three.

Justin Kier hits a lay up shot.

Tyson Etienne defends Pelle Larsson’s inbound pass.

Morris Udeze gets stuffed by Azuolas Tubelis.

Bennedict Mathurin dunks on Ricky Council IV.

Qua Grant sets up the offense for Wichita State.

Morris Udeze drives on Azoulas Tubelis.

Morris Udeze works to get a shot off against Azuolas Tubelis.

Morris Udeze tries to get a shot off between two defenders.

A nasty fall going for the loose ball.

Joe Pleasant shoots a free throw.

Teammates help Oumar Ballo off the floor.

Monzy Jackson shoots a layup against Dalen Terry.

UNLV vs. Michigan

The second game of day one was Michigan versus UNLV. In the shot below, Coach Juwan Howard talks to Michigan during a time out.

Looks like Coach Juwan Howard is reacting to a stupid comment from one of his players.

Some of the Michigan fans were not happy with the call.

Caleb Houston gets a layup in the middle of the lane.

Donovan Williams shoots the 3 over Moussa Diabete.

Coach Howard talks with Terrance Williams II during a break in action.

Brandon Johns Jr. blocks Donovan Williams’ shot.

Bryce Hamilton shoots the three.

I was shooting from right next to the Michigan bench so I got lots of time out shots of Coach Juwan Howard.

Donovan Williams drives on Brandon Johns Jr.

Coach Juwan Howard showed some rare emotion on the sideline.

Michael Nuga goes up against Eli Brooks and Devante’ Johns.

Bryce Hamilton takes the jump shot.

Donovan Williams swats the shot attempt from Caleb Houston.

Royce Hamm Jr. tries to dunk against Moussa Diabete.

DeVante’ Jones gets a face full of arm on his drive.

The Michigan bench celebrates a big play.

Brandon Johns Jr. throws down a dunk.

Bryce Hamilton with the scoop shot.

DeVante’ Jones sizes up Michael Nuga.

Bryce Hamilton shoots the three pointer.

More celebrations on the Michigan bench.

Hunter Dickinson disrupts the shot of Bryce Hamilton.

Michael Nuga drives against Caleb Houston.

Michael Nuga with the drive and dish.

Juwan Howard on the sideline.

Michael Nuga driving to the hoop.

Hunter Dickinson blocks the shot of Royce Hamm Jr.

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