Kanarra Creek Slot Canyon

Kanarraville, Utah

November 6, 2015kanarra creek 28 hdr pano18 mm: ISO 250: f/9: 4.0 sec.

I love the awesome depth of field and details you can get shooting in slot canyons.  I was able to capture the depth of field in this shot with my aperture at f/9 thanks to focus stacking.  I also used hdr to deal with the uneven morning light coming into the canyon.

This image is a total of 15 photographs combined from 5 separate focal points and 3 different exposures at each focal point.  The 5 focal points were the foreground rocks, the second set of rocks, the left canyon wall, the right canyon wall in the middle of the frame and the left canyon wall at the very back.  I blended each set of 3 exposures using the hdr blend in lightroom.  I then opened those 5 hdr images as layers in photoshop and blended them by content to get maximum sharpness throughout the frame.  I then took that image back into lightroom for final touch up.

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