Gear Review: Think Tank Airport International V 3.0

This is an incredible piece of carry-on luggage targeted at photographers who love to travel internationally.  As such, it was the perfect choice for me and I opted to get one prior to my latest Europe trip, where my family and I visited Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and Berlin during a sixteen day trip.

The first point to get out of the way is this luggage is for the serious photographer with a lot of gear.  With a price point nearing , it shows the construction and quality you would expect.  The zippers are excellent quality and there is a nice locking mechanism to keep your gear safe. The handles are heavy duty and attached in such a way, I would not expect they will ever break, which is a problem I have had with even my nice Samsonite luggage.

My biggest complaint with this bag is unavoidable as it is the smaller size.  Because I opted for the international size, there is just no way to avoid the size as international flights require smaller luggage and they are quite strict about the size, unlike most American carriers.  If I didn’t travel internationally as much, I would have opted for a different model in of luggage that is larger and designed for American travel.

I found the design of this bag to be very similarly to the Streetwalker bags that I love.  The main compartment is designed like a large camera bag with dividers for all your gear.  The inside also has clear pockets to store your smaller items. I love the large front pocket that is specifically designed to carry a large laptop and has extra room for more items too.  All in all, the organization of this piece is great.

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