Freezing Motion

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 7, 2016photowalk-02319 mm: ISO 800: f/7.1: 1/8 sec.

During WPPI, Photofocus set up a fun photowalk on the Las Vegas strip.  We only made it from the MGM to the New York New York, but we had lots of fun shooting.  As I have been experimenting with street photography, I took the chance to add a flash and see what I could do.

I loved the leading lines and bright lights in this scene.  After shooting some normal street photography, I grabbed someone from the group and had her old my off camera flash at the bottom of the stairs.  As this gentleman walked down the stairs, I shot with a slow shutter to show his motion and used the flash to freeze that action.  I loved the result.  I think it captures his motion while keeping him sharp and distinguishable.

This is a location I hope to head back to on a busier night to get more street photography in.

Gear used:

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