Camera Strap Review: Capturing Couture

I tested twenty some odd camera straps in the effort to find the best camera strap available.   Capturing Couture was kind enough to send me their popular Symphony strap to test.

capturing couture

Capturing Couture has a wide variety of unique and fashionable straps featuring all kinds of designs sure to fit whatever you want.  My first thought when I saw these straps is that they would be perfect to give as a gift due to the fun designs and great price point.  I had this thought again when I received the strap and it had awesome packaging already done like a little gift box that fit right along with their whole fashionable design theme. Do yourself a favor and at least go check out their site as there are some capturing couture 2awesome designs on different size straps and even scarf straps.  While they are mostly designed for women, there are some very classy men’s straps that I love.

After a good testing period, I still found the strap was very comfortable to wear with extra padding around the neck.  I enjoyed the length and thought it worked okay as a sling across my chest.



The end of the plush velvet strap connected to a metal bracket that connected to the nylon portion that attaches to the camera.  The attachment mechanism is the same basic one you will see on most straps.  I find the mechanism a little annoying on all straps as it is not fast to attach the camera or take it off, which I find necessary more and more often.  That being said, you are not likely to find a quicker connection unless you want to shell out more money.

If you are looking for a fun and expressive strap or need a gift for the photographer in your life, you will find something perfect at Capturing Couture.  You can currently pick this up at Amazon or Capturing Couture for just over $30.  For more, check out our Recommended Gear.

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