Gear Review: Lowepro Fastpack 250 AWII

Lowepro is another popular backpack manufacturer for photographers.  This bag has two compartments, separating a spot for camera gear and an open compartment for whatever else you may need.  This bag is about the size you would expect from a normal backpack.  The open compartment is pretty big and can fit larger items.  The camera compartment is also a pretty good size. I had no problem fitting my Fuji X-T1 with 3 lenses, 5 filters, a headlamp and smaller assorted things.  The tripod fits in the side pocket.  Like most bags, you aren’t going to get a big tripod on here that doesn’t stick up above the top of the bag.  I took off my ball head and the tripod fit very nicely.  The tripod did bounce a bit more than I would like no matter how much I tightened the strap.

This bag was pretty comfortable.  I thought the straps fit very nicely and were very easy to use.   It also has a nice padded waist strap.  I took this bag through the airport, including some sprinting, and it felt nice for most of it.  The bag has small straps that come out so you can attach it lp2to your luggage as well.  This can be great if you are going through a lot of airports or doing a lot of walking with luggage.  The bag has lots of small pockets that are good for storing items.  There is also easy access to a side pocket to get your camera, but to access the rest of your gear, you have to unstrap the flap and unzip the compartment, which can be  annoying.  It also fit my laptop quite well, but I would have preferred the zipper for the laptop go all the way down so it was easier to put the laptop in.

Overall, this is a really good bag at a great price for a hobbyist photographer that has a decent amount of gear, but wants plenty of room to carry other items.  It is a comfortable bag that is going to work really well for someone that enjoys taking their camera outdoors and hiking.  It also makes a great bag for travelling as it fits a laptop well, carries the camera gear you would want to travel with and has extra room for travel necessities.   I really think this bag is a perfect fit for a lot of people.  I even chose this bag for my teenage nephew who is just getting started in photography and loves hiking.  Given the price point, the quality and the uses of this bag, I thought it was a great fit for him.

You can currently pick this bag up on Amazon for under $80!  Be sure to check out all our favorites at our Recommended Gear Page.

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