Black Panther #5

Las Vegas, Nevada

November 7, 2016104.2 mm: ISO 200: f/6.4: 1/250 sec.

The end of the story.  At least for me.  After I took my last image, I walked to the parking garage, got in my car and left.  As I drove through the intersection, I saw two police officers come down the steps and try to shake hands with the protester.  The protester refused their offer, but they talked for a while.

I wish the image quality was better, but I took this as I slowly drove through the intersection.  Luckily, I had the Peak Design Messenger bag next to me as it was super easy to pull the camera out and get the shot while I was driving.

I hope you enjoyed my take on this one-man protest.  Next week I will start showing images from our Europe trip over Christmas.

Gear Used:

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag. Enter the code bdh12 at Peak Design for 10% off.

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