A New View of Kanarra Creek Falls

Kanarraville, Utah

November 6, 2015kanarra creek 5519.5 mm: ISO 500: f/9.0: 1.0 sec.

This is not the iconic view of kanarra Creek Falls, and for good reason–you can’t see have the waterfall.  Unfortunately, there is really only room for one or two people to set up a tripod at a time to get the best view.  As I was waiting for my turn, I wanted to capture the brightness of the exit to the canyon just above the waterfall and bring a touch of green into the frame with the pine tree.

To capture the whole image in focus, I took multiple shots with focal points throughout the image.  Because there was so much variance in the light, each one of my images was also taken at a different exposure.  As you can imagine, there was a huge difference between the outside of the canyon and the deep shadows under the waterfall.

Gear Used:

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