Kase Magnetic Filters

Here's what we love and what we don't!

What we Tested

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters

ND1000 ND64 CPL UV

What we loved #1

Image Quality

-We saw no drop off in image quality with the filter -We experienced no color casting, even with the ND1000 filter

What we loved #2

Magnetic Attachment

-It was super convenient to attach a filter with just a touch of the filter to your lens -This saved a ton of time when changing between different filters at one scene

What we didn't like #1

Magnet isn't Strong Enough

-You do not want to leave a filter one your lens while not shooting -I had a filter fall off multiple times when it bumped something

What we didn't like #2

Separation from the Lens

-The magnetic filter attaches to a threaded base creating additional separation -When I dropped a filter, it scratched and the separation caused bad reflections through the scratch in the lens