Wallace Falls State Park

Wallace Falls State Park, Washington

November 28, 2015wallace falls 13718 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 1.3 sec.

Wallace Falls is a great hike you should do if you are ever in the area.  We made the hike early early in the morning and were coming down shortly after sunrise.  On the way back, we saw a little sign for another waterfall so we ventured out to see it.  I swear the sign said it was called Fairy Falls, but I cannot find anything online to confirm that.  It is a very small little waterfall as you can see, but it is barely off the main trail so it is worth seeing.

This image is made up of six raw files blended separately for focus stacking and hdr.  Because my aperature was shut down to f/16, I did not need a lot of focal points so I just used one for the foreground and one for the rest of the image.  For both focal points, I took three exposures.  In lightroom I created two hdr images.  I took those two hdr images into photoshop and blended them for maximum focus.

Gear Used:

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