Utah at Mississippi in the MGM Resorts Main Event Basketball Tournament

The second preliminary game of the Heavyweight Bracket of the MGM Resorts Main Event Basketball Tournament featured the Utah Utes versus the Rebels of Ole Miss.

This was an exciting game for all in attendance, but Utah pulled out the win in the end.  Utah would then fall to the hometown Rebels of UNLV in the Championship.  I already wrote about the tournament in my article on the UNLV versus Rice game in this article, so I will not rehash it here.  Needless to say, if you are in Vegas over Thanksgiving, get some tickets to the Main Event Tournament and enjoy some great basketball!

In the above image, Rebel Breein Tyree drives to the hoop for a lay in while  Utah’s David Collette and Rebel Dominik Olejniczak jockey for rebounding position.

In the above image, Ole Miss’s Bruce Stevens powers to the hoop to finish despite being defended by the entire Utah team.

Utah’s Sedrick Barefield gets high to get a short jump shot off against Terence Davis.

Deandre Burnett breaks the double team to score an easy lay up.

Utah’s David Collette finishes with a nice dunk over Bruce Stevens.

Sedrick Barefield makes a quick move to start driving from the three-point line.

Kolbe Caldwell and the Utah Utes bench go crazy for a made three pointer.

David Collette tries the acrobatic shot over Marcanvis Hymon.

Breein Tyree breaks free and gets high for an uncontested finish.

Utah’s Justin Bibbins fouls Devontae Shuler to stop the fast break.

My last two images are the same drive by Deandre Burnett, who lost his footing driving past Justin Bibbins, Donnie Tillman and David Collette.

Gear Used

The Fuji I was using for this game was far from ideal.  Normally, I would much prefer shooting with at least a Nikon D850 or Canon 5D Mark IV, but I wasn’t going to skip a game just because I didn’t have access to the right gear.

If you want the bag I used from Mindshift, use this link to get the free gift offered to our readers.

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