Upper Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls State Park, Washington

November 28, 2015wallace falls 8318 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 4.0 sec.

This image has been my most popular post ever on instagram.  I was tempted to be satisfied after the middle falls and not make the steep hike up to the upper falls, but I am very glad I did.  This falls is in a secluded little pocket that is very peaceful.  You can see the water pools at the bottom before dropping off another waterfall.  I would love to make it back to explore because there looks to be tons of little waterfalls everywhere besides the three main ones that have lookouts.

This is a 5-image vertical panorama.  The view point was very close to the falls and I had to climb out to the edge to get the pool at the bottom, but there was no way I could get much of the falls without taking multiple images.

Gear Used:

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