Think Tank Travel Pouches: More Convenient than You Think

are an underrated piece of travel gear.  I personally put off buying any because I just did not see the need.  I finally gave in when I had the chance to get a nice travel pouch from Think Tank, my favorite company for all kinds of bags.

There is not a whole lot to discuss here.  Travel pouches are super thin and light pouches you put inside your luggage.  They add practically nothing in size or weight, but allow you to organize better.

I have really enjoyed using travel pouches to keep things organized when I travel.  This is especially true when I travel with my family.  It is great to be able to keep my girls’ clothes all in separate travel pouches (we usually travel with one big checked bag for our whole family).  In addition to separating individuals’ clothes using travel pouches, we have found awesome convenience in using travel pouches to separate items like swimsuits, winter clothes (gloves, hats, etc.), kids toys, and so many other things.  I recommend getting a few different sizes and using them however works best for you or your family when you travel.  One other great use I should mention is when you are traveling among different climates.  I have done many trips like this like going from sunny Portugal to snowy Germany or Thailand beaches to cold South Korea.  During these trips, packing correctly is essential.  Layers are your friend, but there are going to be many items like gloves, thermal wear, and wool socks that help in the colder climates.  There is no need to bother with this stuff on the beach so it is easy to pack it all in a travel pouch and ignore it until you get to the cold climate.  The same could be said for warm weather clothes like swimsuits and sandals while you are traveling in colder climates.

There are a lot of cheaper options out there, but I went with ThinkTank because I knew it would be high quality and have a zipper that wouldn’t break during the trip.  You can pick one up at Amazon or get your free gift at .

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