Thunderstorm Arch from the South

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

April 16, 2016valley of fire-040-Edit29.3 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 1/180 sec.

After making this image from the north side of arch, I continued on my hike.  I soon realized the colors underneath my feet were incredible.  Turning back, I was uninspired by the background behind the arch.  I had plenty of light so I shot handheld to save time since I had just put my tripod away.

I attempted to minimize the background by filling 3/4 of the frame with the arch and foreground since those are the stars of the shot.  The very bottom left of the frame had some gravel in it that really distracted from the image so I cropped in as much as I could without losing the important parts of the image and then cloned out the bottom left to make it continuous rock rather than a corner of different texture and color.

Gear Used: 

Peak Design Slide Strap

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