The Stained Glass of La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

January 5, 201718 mm: ISO 640: f/5.0: 1/30 sec.

The stained glass at La Sagrada is truly spectacular.  Standing inside this massive building, you are surrounded by different colors of light streaming in through windows everywhere.  I have seen a lot of stained glass, but nothing has compared to this place.  Not only where the colors amazing as the morning sun hit them, areas like that shown in this image, reached all they way to the top of the building.

74.4 mm: ISO 640: f/5.3: 1/60 sec.

I also loved the classic forms in this building famous for being unusual.  These windows and their classic intricacies were stunning.

25.4 mm: ISO 1600: f/4.5: 1/60 sec.

My goal sitting in this amazing building was to capture the feeling of being bathed in the incredible light streaming through the stained glass.  This was the closest I came.

Gear Used:

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