The Berlin Wall

Berlin, Germany

January 7, 2017104.2 mm: ISO 200: f/5.6: 1/60 sec.

When in Berlin, you have to go see the Berlin Wall.  Unfortunately, we only had one day there and our hop on hop off bus didn’t go to the East Side Gallery, where the best sections of the wall are visible.  I like the hop on hop off buses when we only have a day or two in a city (we only had one full day in Berlin), but we chose a really bad company in Berlin.  It was cold and snowy and they stopped a lot less frequently than advertised, which left us waiting in the cold a lot.

18 mm: ISO 200: f/4.5: 1/60 sec.

I love how this shows the wall decomposing.  History should be maintained.  Even if it is just to remember lessons from the past, but at some point, this wall is going to completely disintegrate and be gone forever.  Hopefully, by the time that happens, we will no longer need its reminder.

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