Sunstar over Virginia Falls

Glacier National Park, Montana

September 15, 2016a5-st-mary-and-virgina-falls-031-edit19 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 1/5 sec.

Virginia Falls was an awesome end to a pretty amazing hike.  It was by far the highest falls of the hike and led to some cascading falls that went on and on for a good chunk of the hike back to St. Mary Falls.

By the time I made it there, it was mid afternoon and the light was terrible.  The best idea I had was to get a really low angle so I was shooting almost straight up because I could get the sun in for a sun star to at least add a little interest to the sky.

A trick I learned from Jim Harmer came in handy on this shot as there was a lot of water coming off the falls.  It was impossible to keep my lens clean so I used a cloth to cover my lens and then I would wipe the lens clean, pull back the cloth, take the image and put the cloth back over the lens.  It worked really well and most of my shots were free of water spots.

Gear Used:

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