Sunset over the Strip

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 30, 2015red rock 56

74.4 mm: ISO 100: f/18: .5 sec.

I took this shot about 15 minutes from my house as I wanted to practice with my new Fuji X-T1 before heading out for my week in Zion National Park.   If you are familiar with the X-T1, it probably surprises you that I shot at ISO 100, below the native ISO 200.  This is due to me not knowing the camera and annoyingly learning when I uploaded the image that the camera only shoots jpegs below ISO 200 so I had no raw files.

I don’t know if it was due to polution or what, but the sunset created a very definitive pocket of blue around the city that seemed to repel the pink sunset.  I had to boost the shadows quite a bit to get the foreground visible without blowing out the sunset colors.

Gear Used:

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