Sunset over the Canola Fields

Palouse, Washington

July 3. 2016Palouse43.9 mm: ISO 200: f/16:1/125 sec.

We took family photos at the Virgil Philips Farm just over the Idaho border between Pullman and Palouse.  After we finished, I took some time to go explore the back roads up toward Palouse and then headed back to Pullman.  My main goal was to find some good Canola fields so I was excited when I came over the crest of small hill and saw this field.

I am almost positive this is Mader Rd. from looking at a map, but it was a tiny dirt road so I could be wrong.  I was there about 20-30 minutes before sunset and I wasn’t satisfied as I really wanted some good green hills to contrast the canola so I continued on my search.  Unfortunately, this is best location I found and I didn’t stay for sunset, although I did get the beginning of some good colors in what was an amazing sunset that night.

My other complaint was I could not find a way to get rid of the dead space in the bottom left corner without losing a lot of the canola field.  I would have loved to climb into the midst of the plants to get them filling the frame, but I did not want to trample the farmer’s crops.

I ended up doing a 3-image hdr to compensate for the bright sky and foreground that had gotten pretty dark that close to sunset.

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