Sunset over Pullman Cemetary

Pullman, Washington

July 3, 20168. Palouse-101-Edit21.6 mm: ISO 200: f/22: 1 sec.

After I had finished shooting the sunset over the fields and hills north of Pullman, I headed back to where we were staying in Pullman.  As I continued to drive after the sunset, the sky continued to get more and more colorful, with deep blue shades coming in over the rich orange and pinks.  I knew of this small cemetery so I hurried to it and set up a few images.  It was pretty dark by this point so I bracketed my shots with the intention of doing some hdr blending.  I tried a few different blends and nothing looked natural.  I ended up just using one image, and kept the shadows much darker than I originally planned as the lighter foreground did not look natural at all with dark sky.

Gear Used:

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