Sunset over Hay Fields

Pullman, Washington

July 3, 20168. Palouse-088-Edit25.4 mm: ISO 200: f/20: 1/2 sec.

This evening I was racing around the backstreets between Pullman and Palouse trying to find a good place for the sunset.  My goal was to find a location with canola fields and green hills facing the sunset.  I found a good canola field about 20-30 minutes before sunset, but left there and raced around trying to find it all.  I never did, the sun set and I started heading back to Pullman.

I found this spot on the 27 just north of Pullman.  It didn’t have the canola fields I wanted, but it had the green hills and I thought the rows of hay fields would provide some good leading lines.  All in, I thought it was a decent composition and the colors just after the sunset were great.  I was much happier when I got to editing and pulled a lot of the detail out of the shadows.  The hay had a nice reflection on it and the hills were a deep green that I ended up really liking up against the awesome sky.

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