Sunrise at St. Mary Lake

Glacier National Park, Montana

September 15, 2016a1-st-mary-sunrise-007-edit-218 mm: ISO 1600: f/18: 1/6 sec.

Another oops moment for this image! I did not get a lot of sleep at Glacier so I was not thinking straight during sunrise shoots.  I shot the night sky the night before and left my camera at ISO 1600.  Always return your settings to something reasonable after you finish a shoot to avoid this problem!

Our first morning in Glacier, we decided not to do a sunrise shoot as we were out late the night before and the forecast called for cloudless skies.  I tried, but my body didn’t agree and woke me up 30 minutes before sunrise.  Since I was awake, I jumped in my car and got to the closest place I could before the sun came up.  I did much better with this composition for the sunrise than I did at night so that is good at least.  This location is just a short walk down the shore from the Rising Sun boat launch.

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