Sun Star at Stonebreaker Lane

Donnelly, Idaho

August 20, 201318.5 mm: ISO 200: f/22: 1/500 sec.

The story behind this shot is quite the tale.  I shot this at sunset the day before the Great American Eclipse.  Aaron King from Photog Adventures joined me in Donnelly, Idaho and we went out this day to scout locations for the eclipse.  While we were driving the back roads west of Cascade, Idaho, I saw a road leading up to a potential viewing point and a flipped a quick u-turn to go check it out.  Unfortunately, my tire took a weird angle over a bolt and my tire blew.

From there, it just got worse.  The entire ordeal took over an hour as we couldn’t find the right tire wrench in the car we were borrowing.  I found a socket set and quickly broke the only one that fit. Then, after waiting for any passing car to stop as they all drove by, Aaron tracked down a truck parked a ways down the road and borrowed a tire wrench.  It was way too big.  Finally, we got a car to stop and an awesome couple had the right tire wrench and we got the tire changed.

After all that time had passed, we decided to try and rush back to the spot we had picked out for sunset near Donnelly, but soon realized we were not going to make it in time.  About that point we saw Stonebreaker Lane, a small road leading out over a hill to a small portion of Cadcade Lake.  It wasn’t the best location, but we did what we could with it as the light hitting this grass was pretty stunning when we drove by.    I had to close the aperture way down with how bright it was to get a sun star.

Gear Used:

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