Street Photography at Night

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 7, 2016photowalk-02719 mm: ISO 3200: f/4.5: 1/30 sec.

This is another image from the Photofocus photo walk that took place at WPPI in Las Vegas last March.  We only made it as far as the New York New York from MGM Grand because there is just so much to shoot on the Las Vegas Strip.  While you do get stuck shooting a lot of tourists as oppose to more authentic scenes you can capture in other cities, the Las Vegas Strip provides many unique shots due to the bustling nightlife, interesting backgrounds and acceptance of anyone with a camera.  While you may not have much fun shooting the street performers that always demand money, there are other interesting compositions to find.  I set up for almost an hour on these stairs and shot different scenes.  Unfortunately, it was a slow night so I had to capture just about everyone that walked past my frame.

Gear Used:

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