Stars over Horseshoe Bend

Page, Arizona

November 6, 2015horseshoe bend astro 318.5 mm: ISO 6400: f/3.5: 150.0 sec.

I publish this image for 2 reasons.  I was really happy with my first attempt at night shooting just the day before and was excited to shoot this beautiful place under the stars.  It was much harder than I anticipated.  Second, I learned the value of a remote shutter.

As you can tell by the terrible composition, I couldn’t see what I was shooting.  It was pitch black when we turned off the flash lights to shoot.  Sitting on the edge of the cliff, I could barely make out my tripod in front of me, let alone what I was shooting.  Even to move, I had to reach out and feel for the edge of the cliff to avoid an unfortunate death!  The other problem I had is I hadn’t yet bought a remote shutter for my new Fuji system.  The camera and the phone app only let you shoot for 30 seconds unless you are in bulb mode.  To get this shot, I had to hold the shutter down for 2.5 minutes in the freezing cold while trying not to shake at all.  After just a few attempts, I was done for the night without capturing anything I was happy with.  Next time, I will go prepared.
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