St. Mary Falls

Glacier National Park, Montana

September 15, 2016a5-st-mary-and-virgina-falls-022-edit29.3 mm: ISO 200: f/5.0: 1/4 sec.

After shooting the sunrise, I decided to explore the park a little on my own.  That included doing the hike to St. Mary Falls.  The hike there was really boring.  Mainly just hiking through burnt out trees without much of a view.  St. Mary Falls was a fun little waterfall that fed into a beautiful river that was an amazing shade of blue and sat beneath a tall mountain.  It was really beautiful once I got there and the hike from here to Virginia Falls was amazing.

To make this image, i crawled down the rocks and set up my tripod right at the edge of the water.  I opened up the aperture to get a shutter speed that would show the movement of the water without losing the definition.

Gear Used:

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