Salt Lake City Temple in the Moonlight

Salt Lake City, Utah

November 24, 2017135 mm: ISO 200: f/5.6: 1/4 sec.

We were in Utah for Thanksgiving and headed down to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see the Christmas Lights.  It was a definite mistake to go during the holiday weekend when the crowds were horrendous.  You can read more about the Christmas lights at Temple Square here. (ADD LINK)

After we finished looking at the lights and made it out of hordes, we started walking back to the car.  I looked back at the temple as we waited at the street light and saw the moon glowing above.  I left my wife and kids and ran across the street to get an angle where I could line up the moon with the Temple spires.  I wanted to get more of the temple in the image, but the more of the temple that was in the image, the smaller the moon.  Plus, there were street lights that were impossible to avoid and would have been a huge pain to clone out in Photoshop.

gear used

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