Shipwreck near Fort Augustus, Scotland

Our featured photographer for today is Gordon Doherty, who shot the beautiful image of a shipwreck in Scotland, just outside Fort Augustus.  You can see more of Gordon’s work at his website or on instragram, @gordondohertyphotography.  This image captured my interest right away when I saw it.  I love the cool tones that just scream winter morning to me, especially with the mist in the air and just a touch of warmth in the moving clouds.  The still waters capture perfect reflections of the boats and the clouds.  Overall, a really great image that perfectly captures the mood and feel of what I imagine Gordon must have experienced.

Gordon Doherty

Gordon is a landscape photographer who lives about thirty-five miles from Fort Augustus.  He made this beautiful image while out on a Christmas day trip with his wife.  As a smart photographer, Gordon took his Panasonic G80 camera with his 12-60mm F3.5 to F5.6 lens (link to newer G85 with lens combo) and selection of Cokin P graduated filters and ND filters.  Despite it being -4 degrees Celsius, Gordon was willing to brave the cold to get an image when he found one.

Fort augustus

Gordon  says Fort Augustus is a lovely tourist spot where the Caledonian Canal meets Loch Ness.  Fort Augustus is a new location to me that is definitely making an appearance on my travel bucket list.  It looks like such a charming little village right on the water with mountains and the coolest viaduct train path you will ever see.  On this day, Gordon was travelling to Glenfinnan to visit the monument and the viaduct (a place that is definitely on my bucket list) made famous when it was featured in the Harry Potter movie. Gordon and his wife passed through Fort William, which is home to Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain, when his keen eye saw this image and he stopped to make it.

how he made the image

Gordon used his Panasonic G80 with the 12-60 mm lens with a 3-stop graduated neutral density filter.  Gordon set this set up on his Manfrotto 055 tripod to ensure stability.  He took the shot at f/11, ISO 200 and 1/6 sec.  He capture the image in raw and processed in Lightroom.

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