Instagrammer’s Guide to Seattle-Best Photo Spots

Going to Seattle and want to fill your Instagram with amazing images from all the best places in the city?  I have interviewed locals, of which I used to be, consulted with experienced visitors to Seattle and scoured Instagram and the web to compile all the best places to get your picture taken in Seattle.  Please feel free to comment and let me know if we missed any gems.


Top of the Space Needle

The Space Needle is the most iconic landmark in Seattle.  A picture with it in the background is a must, but for extra Instagram love, take the elevator to the top, where you can capture an awesome image overlooking the city and Sound.  The image below comes from popular Instagrammer Cindy Sanchez.

Pike Place Market

Everybody that visits Seattle visits the famous Pike Place Market.  While there are great photo opportunities throughout the market, the iconic sign in the front of the market is the perfect place for a selfie.   There are actually two big signs at the Market, but not many people capture the second one.

In the image below, travel blogger lauralockward takes a great image in front of the main sign.

It’s a rare day in Seattle when you won’t also get the stormy gray clouds behind the sign, like Michelle Kang did in the image below of the second big sign on the other end of the market.  You can see it is usually a little easier to get a shot without as many people on this side of the market.

instagram guide to seattle

There’s a lot to see at Pike Place, but another great photo opportunity is the famous golden pig.  Here’s Mallory posing for a picture with the pig several years ago.

guide to seattle

Gum Wall

Just a floor below the Pike Place Market is an alleyway with the popular Gum Wall.  It is just a brick wall where everyone sticks their gum.  Noting groundbreaking, but lots of interest that makes for a really fun Instagram post.  Big Bonus points if get your picture blowing a big bubble like Alica in the image below.

instagram guide to seattle

This image of me from 2011 shows the scale of the gum wall.  It is definitely unique, a bit disgusting and completely Instagram worthy.

guide to seattle

Gasworks Park

This is one of my favorite places in Seattle.  There are some great selfie options here with all the great features found in the park itself, the structure just next to the park, and the fantastic view from the waterfront.

seattle guide

In the image below, local photographer Sam Reppert gives a subtle self-portrait showing the view.

instragram guide to seattle

Hotel Max

Hotel Max is an artsy boutique hotel in downtown Seattle.  I had the pleasure of staying there for work a number of years ago.  Back then it didn’t have its famous Instagram backdrop.  Hotel Max is now home to the popular “Seattle Doesn’t Settle” mural.  Mia Rotunna shows off the great backdrop in the image below.

seattle photo guide

Seattle Central Public Library

This place has some really cool architecture on the inside that makes for a great image.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get an example, so if you have an image you want to share, shoot us an email.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass is a cool place located down by the space needle.  The amazing glass sculptures are the perfect environment to make some great images that will stand out on any Instagram feed.  The below image is a perfect example from Xueqing Li that caught my eye and she was kind enough to share.

instragram guide to seattle

In the image below, Niloofar Torabi shows off the possibility of capturing the beautiful glass sculptures with the Space Needle in the background.  You can find more of his great images on Instagram.

instagram guide to seattle

Capitol Hill Rainbow Crosswalks

There are a lot of cool photo opportunities on Capitol Hill so there area is well worth some time to explore, but one of my favorite Instagram opportunities are the rainbow cross walks.  They are a surefire way to had some color and interest to an image that will catch the attention of someone scrolling through images.

In the image below, Angela Xu captured a more casual image strolling through the crosswalk.

instagram guide to seattle


The Seattle Waterfront has changed quite a bit over the past few years.  It now features a giant Ferris wheel and a small board walk.  Alma Sanchez shows a couple of the great possibilities below.

instagram guide to seattle

instagram guide to seattle

Fremont Troll

The Fremont Troll is quite possibly the most unique and cool thing you will find in Seattle.  It is not something you will find anywhere else.  So, climb up the VW Bug and pose for some fun shots.

seattle guide

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is a great little neighborhood park with a view of downtown Seattle and the iconic Space Needle.  It’s one of the few top places in the city to capture the skyline.  Ewelina Zielinska was kind enough to share the below image with us from Kerry Park.  Check out her Instagram for lots of other Seattle hotspots.

instagram guide to seattle

Another image from Kerry Park, this is Mallory in some less ideal weather.

Lenin Statue

Why there is a statue of Lenin in Seattle, I have no idea, but it is well worth getting a fun shot in such an out-of-place statue.  No need to fly to Russia, but you may be able to trick some people into thinking you did.

instagram guide to seattle

T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco)

T-Mobile Park is a really fun baseball stadium even when the Mariners are not good (basically the past decade plus).  They have done a great job of making it enjoyable so head down early and take advantage of the many great photo opportunities, like robbing a home run over the fake wall.

seattle guide

Or, pose with legendary broadcaster Dave Niehaus beyond the outfield wall.

seattle guide

But, don’t forget to get the classic selfie with the field in the background.  And get a better one than we did too!

guide to seattle

CenturyLink Field

CenturyLink Field is an awesome place to watch a football game or soccer game, and both the Seahawks and Sounders are very popular so it is sure to be a packed house.  They say there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and the higher up you are, the better you can capture the field.  Below is a perfect example from Brandon Williams, capturing the field, the sky and the unique architecture of the stadium.

instagram guide to seattle

Below is another great image captured by Sonja Herndon.  This one is a little closer to the field.  It still captures most of the field, but gives a little more detail of the crowds.

instagram guide to photo spots in seattle

On a Ferry

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle is actually get out of the city on a ferry ride.  The beautiful Puget Sound makes for a great backdrop for a shot with lots of interest aboard the deck of a ferry.  The image below comes from Brian Johnson, who has lots of images from Seattle on his Instagram.

instragram guide to seattle

Here is an image of me from 2010 when we took a ferry out to some of the islands near Seattle.

Let us know what you think and share your favorite spots over on Facebook.

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