Running Eagle Falls

Glacier National Park, Montana

September 14, 20161-running-eagle-falls-014-edit-edit34.5 mm: ISO 200: f/9: 1/13 sec.

Our first night in Glacier National Park, we intended to shoot the sunset at Two Medicine Lake.  With a little time to kill, we decided to check out Running Eagle Falls.  It was a short and easy hike to a pretty cool waterfall.  It was really interesting how the water just ran out of the middle of the rock.  The difficult part was finding a composition I liked.  This one ended up being my favorite.

To get this shot, I had to get into the middle of the river.  Luckily, I had my diving boots with me so I changed into those.  They didn’t keep my feet dry, but they kept them plenty warm and, after I was done, I just dried off my feed with a small towel and put my shoes back on.

This final image is the result of four different images.  I started using a small aperture and smoothing out the water and I just didn’t like it.  To speed up the shutter speed, I had to open up the aperture so I decided to take three exposures with different focus points.  I blended those in Photoshop, but still was not satisfied with the result so I took that image and another image with a slower shutter speed and, using layer masks, painted the waterfall in from the slower shutter speed.  Finally, I added a little sun coming in from the right in Lightroom.

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