POWERADD PRO-A Necessary Tool for any Traveler

It seems that every year the amount of my gear that needs to charge increases. Between my camera, phone, watch, computer, heated vest, and so forth, traveling gets difficult when I am staying in a hotel and getting plenty of car time.

Portable chargers have changed the game. Now, I can spend days in the backcountry with no services and not have to worry about running out of juice on any of my tools. I have gone through a number of different chargers, but the one has gained a lasting spot in my gear bag is the POWERADD PRO.

There are a number of reasons I have settled on the POWERADD PRO (20000mAh), but the main reason is the amount of charges I can get and the ability to charge up to 3 devices at one time. Typically, I have been able to charge my phone completely four times without recharging my POWERADD PRO. I can usually get all my devices sufficiently charged to go on a 3 day hike or so without needing to recharge the POWERADD PRO.

In addition to a great charging capacity, I have been very impressed with how quickly it charges. I use this all the time when my phone is running low and I might only have 10-20 minutes of time available to charge it, but that is usually enough to buy me enough juice to get through what I need to.

The only thing that I sometimes don’t love about the POWERADD PRO is that it doesn’t have built in cords like some other chargers I have used. While this can be annoying since I have to carry my cords with me, I have decided that it is better because it gives me more functionality. For example, if I have 2-3 devices that use the same style of cable, like my phone and computer, I can charge them at the same time. It also makes it so I can charge non-standard items like my watch.

The POWERADD PRO also comes in a cheaper 10000mAh version. You can see the current price of both versions of the POWERADD PRO on Amazon.

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