New Pictar Pro just Announced

I’ve been using the Pictar from Miggo for almost three years now to access a ton more capabilities and convenience in using my iPhone camera.  You can check out my Pictar review to see all my thoughts on it.

As of today, Miggo announced the successor Pictar Pro on Kickstarter and I thought our readers would want to check it out.  The new Pictar Pro is compatible with more phone models, now covering both Apple and Android phones.  It also unlocks more capabilities, with 12 different features of your camera that you can access via the Pictar Pro.  The Pictar Pro alos enables advanced video capabilities that are perfect for professional vlogging with the ability to attach accessories such as lighting, lenses and microphones.

From the press release, Miggo says the new Pictar Pro upgrades over the original Pictar by offering four improved external camera control buttons, “shark-skin ergonomic grip, wireless charging (awesome!!!!), a viewfinder for shooting in bright conditions (more awesome!!!!), shutter, ISO and zoom control, advanced image formats (including raw shooting capabilities!) and more.  It is designed with a solid satin-finish brass body designed to resemble a classy Leica camera.

Miggo also upgraded the Pictar app.  It automatically recognizes your device so everything works flawlessly, and all you have to do is slide the phone in, turn on the app and start shooting!

If you are interested, check out the new Pictar Pro on Kickstarter.


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