Pena Palace 2

18 mm: ISO 800: f/8.0: 1/60 sec.

The coolest thing about Pena Palace is not just the great combination of colors, but the blending of different architectural styles.  Given the history of the Palace, it is no wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.

The palace began as a chapel in the 15th Century constructed after an alleged vision of the Virgin Mary.  Later, a monastery was built with the chapel that housed 18 monks.  While much of the buildings were damaged in an earthquake and left vacant for a long time, Prince Ferdinand decided to make a royal palace out of what was left and he incorporated different styles including romantic, medieval and Islamic architecture.

If you are in Lisbon, it is well worth a half or full-day trip out to Sintra just for this Palace.  We went here just a couple days after Versailles and enjoyed this one much more.

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