Peak Design’s Field Pouch V2-Tested and Reviewed

Anybody that has followed us for very long knows I am a big fan of Peak Design. Many many years ago, the Peak Design Capture was a gift from my wife and I loved it. A little while later, they launched their Messenger bag and I got one of those too. Since then, I have owned everything Peak Design makes except the Duffel and Tripod (soon hopefully!). I used their Field Pouch Version 1 a lot when traveling with my family, but I was pretty bummed when it got left on a train in Lisbon (luckily, I was using it to carry diapers and kid snacks and not camera gear at the time!).

When version 2 of the Field Pouch came out, I got a new Field Pouch and have been using it for a while. There is a lot I like about the the Field Pouch Version 2. I use it all the time still whenever I don’t want to carry a backpack. Probably the only thing I don’t like about the Field Pouch is that it feels a bit like I am carrying a purse. It completely fits with the new trend of carrying similar bags high across your chest, but I guess I am a bit old school and haven’t bought into that trend yet. Regardless, it is worth carrying for the convenience to me.

How I use the Field Pouch

What I have always loved about having the Field Pouch, both versions, is the great diversity the bag brings for travel. The bag makes a great little sling bag to carry a small camera set up. With my Sony A73, I can fit a small lens with the camera, but it is a tight fit. The bag expands a bit, which is nice, and I can fit my camera with a bigger lens if needed. I don’t use it to carry my camera very often though because I like to just carry my camera separate so I can get my essentials in the Field Pouch.

My go-to configuration for the Field Pouch is a spare lens, spare battery, Platypod, ballhead, memory cards, and a lens cloth. Sometimes I will add filters or a remote if needed. This set up lets me carry my camera and what I feel like I can’t leave home without while keeping my load super light for a day of exploring a new travel destination.

As I mentioned above, I also like to use it to carry other essentials when we travel as a family. I may carry diapers, wipes, snacks, toys and more. There is enough room and it is easy to move things around that I can carry a mixture of kids stuff with a spare lens or whatever I feel is most important for the day. Back when we used to travel with a stroller, it was perfect to throw under the stroller or hang from the handle and I didn’t have to worry about carrying a bag at all.

While I often carry a regular backpack for all my camera bag, I like that I can easily fit the Field Pouch inside or attach it to the outside of my backpacks. This is great because it can be a pain to organize smaller items in a backpack and I like to have all my gear in the backpack, but be able to take out essentials and carry them in the Field Pouch for shorter outings or more family-oriented vacation days.

More about the Field Pouch

Peak Design does not make a cheap product. The quality in the Field Pouch is excellent as you would assume. It feels well made, durable and I am confident it will last a long time. The only thing that does not seem super sturdy is the strap, which is very minimal, but it is not flimsy at all, just thin, which I actually like because I don’t want a thick and bulky strap making a small bag like this take up more room. It may not be as comfortable carrying heavy loads long distance, but I don’t use this bag to carry a ton of weight so I will gladly take the small strap.

I love the materials Peak Design uses on their bags, including the Field Pouch. It looks great, is very durable, is resistant to scratches and tears and handles the rain great without a rain cover. I wouldn’t take it into a monsoon, but I feel completely comfortable with it out in the rain.

I have seen some hate about the Velcro flap, but this is actually one of my favorite parts of the Field Pouch. With a bag like this, I want quick and easy access. I don’t want zippers and clips to undo. the Velcro flap is very easy to open and close with one hand. I also like that you get the security you would get with a zipper because there is extra fabric that folds over with the flap so there is no opening where anything inside the bag is going to fall out if the bag gets jostled around or turned upside down.

The inside organization in the Field Pouch is excellent. The big open area is great for your camera or lens. It is also where I keep my platypod and ballhead. There is also a zippered pouch for things you want to keep really secure. I put small objects in here that I don’t want to get mixed in with the bigger items. This might be a remote, extra memory cards, etc. Then there are three small pockets that fit a camera battery perfectly

What Changed with Version 2

One of the biggest changes that you may not see is that Peak Design is consistently improving their ability to manufacture their products with minimal environmental impact and Version 2 improves upon that.

The first different I notices was the increased functionality of the interior organization. This pouch is designed to neatly fit your camera essentials and has perfect fit pouches for batteries, memory cards and more. The next thing I notices was that this bag can expand bigger than Version 1. At least I am pretty sure that is the case. Since I lost my Version 1 copy, I couldn’t compare, but it sure feels that way.

Version 2 of the Field Pouch also includes a strap. This wasn’t a big deal for me since I have all the Peak Designs straps and they could be attached to Version 1, but for those that don’t have this option, including the strap is a big deal and a solid improvement. It should be noted that you can also connect the Field Pouch using the belt straps.

Where to get your Peak Design Field Pouch

If you think the Peak Design Field Pouch is a good fit for you, we recommend buying it straight from Peak Design. It usually won’t cost you any additional money and you get to deal with the people at Peak Design, where you will get much better support. It also provides more benefit to a great company instead of the alternative companies I don’t like as much! You can find the Field Pouch at Peak Design here.

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