One Scene: Four Different Stlyes

While I was out shooting around Donnelly, Idaho, I spent a couple hours shooting different locations waiting for sunset.  When the time for sunset finally came, I was disappointed in the boring skies, but I found a little place off the side of the highway that I loved.  I had to slide down a little hill and scurry under a barb wire fence, but I made it to the edge of the waters that had flowed over the river’s edge and flooded this small field.  I ended up with four different images I liked from the scene, but I couldn’t decide the style I wanted so I edited them all differently.  Let me know which one you like best.

23.3 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 1/8 sec.

This image is lacking a prominent foreground and is more just a field of grass in the water.  The editing style is very muted with only slight variation in the color and an overall darker scene.  It is a blend of five different images, focus stacking four focal points, and blending two exposures.

25.4 mm: ISO 200: f/16: 1/4 sec.

This is my only vertical orientation.  I got the camera a lot closer to the grass blades to make a more prominent foreground. I exposed this one more to get a brighter image and pulled the colors out more to get a little more drama in the shot.  I don’t remember how many shots were blended on this, but it was definitely focus stacked and blended for exposures.

18 mm: ISO 200: f/14: 1/4 sec.

For this image, I found a little mound to had something to the foreground other than just blades of grass.  I also wanted to capture more fence posts in this image. I brought more color out in the sky on this one to emphasize the sunset.  This was also a blend of multiple exposures and focus points.

18 mm: ISO 200: f/14: 1/4 sec.

For this final image, I wanted to focus less on the foreground and capture the great fence posts hanging on in the flooded water.  I kept the editing pretty minor on this one.  Bumped the shadows a little to bring out the foreground and made some other minor adjustments.

So, which one do you like best?

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