Neoprene Strap from Ape Case

I tested twenty some odd camera straps in the effort to find the best camera strap available.  Ape Case was kind enough to send me their neoprene strap to review.


For the price, this strap is a steal.  There are no frills with this strap, it is very basic, but it is going to be a pretty good upgrade over the strap that comes with most cameras.  It is a very comfortable strap.  The entire shoulder area is just neoprene so it is stretchable and soft.  I like the length and it works well.  As you would expect, the strap has vinyl straps to attach the camera.  It has removable o rings at the end of the straps so if you like attaching it like a key ring you can use those, or you could just take them off.  I found it to be a bit of a pain to attach with the o rings, but if you have any kind of clips to attach to the o rings, it could make attachment quick and easy without leaving any portion of the strap behind, which is a huge selling point to me.  It was also not the easiest to adjust the length, but it works like most other straps where you weave the nylon through the buckles.

If you want something basic, but pretty comfortable at a really good price, this would be a great choice.  You can currently pick one up for $12.99 on Amazon.  For more, check out our Recommended Gear.

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