Instagram Guide to Nagoya with 22 Awesome Photo Spots

Nagoya is an underrated tourist location in central Japan overshadowed by Tokyo to the Northeast and Kyoto to the Southeast.  Notwithstanding, Nagoya has plenty to offer anyone seeking rich history and beautiful sites.

We have compiled 22 of our favorite locations for fun and photography to boost your Instagram page.  With the help of fellow travelers, photographers and popular Instagrammers, we have sample images for each of the 22 spots!

1. Nagoya Castle

The Nagoya Castle is one of the more historically important castles of Japan, dating back to 1615.  There are many great vantage points to capture the beautiful castle, which lights up when the sun hits it, as you can see in the image below from instagrammer @tertichx.

instagram guide to nagoya

2. Nagoya Station

The Nagoya Station is is one of the world’s largest train stations in the world.  With so much going on there, photographic opportunities are abundant.  Most obvious are the tall towers atop the station, but I personally prefer the striking artwork in front of the station, as you can see in the below image from Kazunari Photography.

instagram guide to nagoya

3. Ōsu Kannon

Ōsu Kannon is probably the most popular Buddhist temple in Nogoya, located in the center of the city.  It was originally built in the Twelfth or Thirteenth Century, but was reconstructed in the Twentieth Century.  The scale of the intricately detailed building can be seen in the image below from travel blogger Febrian.

instagram guide to nagoya

The front of the temple shows a very classic design that is definitely impressive, as you can see in the below image from instagrammer @jesisemba.

Another great image from Osu Kannon can be seen in the image below from Anna Fujii.

instagram guide to nagoya

4.Nagoya TV Tower

The Nagoya TV Tower is the oldest TV tower in Japan.  It stands prominently on the Nagoya Skyline and can be viewed from a ton of great locations, but our favorite is seen in the below image from Oasis 21, which is featured later.  The image comes from Instagrammer @lalelillolu.

5. Atsuta Jingu

Atsuta Jingu is a Shinto Shrine that has an understated beauty much different than the grandeur of Osu Kannon.  The Shrine is believed to date back to the First Century and is affectionately referred to as Miya or Atsuta-Sama.  You can really feel the peaceful beauty in the below  image from Instagrammer @iamwucecilia.

instagram guide to nagoya

6. Shirotori Garden

Shirotori Garden is a traditional Japanese garden with a ceremonial tea house.  It is considered by many to be the most beautiful garden in Nagoya.  The impressive fall colors are on display in the following image from Instagrammer @iamklareese.

instagram guide to nagoya

7. Meiji-Mura Museum

Meiji-Mura is a combination architectural museum/theme park featuring historic buildings covering the last two centuries.  There are many photo opportunities at Meiji-Mura, just one of which you can see below from instagrammer @daphne_cat026.

instagram guide to nagoya

8. Nagoya City Science Museum

The Nagoya City Science Museum is located in central Nagoya.  It features the world’s largest planetarium.  The most popular photo attraction is the giant metal sphere, featured in a fun pose in the image below from Grace Elliott.

nagoya instagram guide

9. Tokugawa Gardens

Another beautiful Japanese Garden, Tokugawa Gardens features a large lake, waterfalls and lots of water features.  You can see more fall colors in this image from Jeremy Knowles.

instagram guide to nagoya

10. Toyota Automobile Museum

Located in the neighboring Nagakute City, the Toyota Automobile Museum is a surprisingly large museum showcasing Toyota’s history, but also featuring many other vehicle manufacturers and artwork.

I love the ancient car on display in the image below from Nipuna Salinda.

Another gem of an old vehicle is shown at the museum in the below image from Garry Glenn.

11. Higashiyama Zoo

The Higashiyama Zoo is much more than a zoo, making it a very popular tourist attraction, being a zoo, botanical garden and theme park all in one.  Some of the most popular attractions include a greenhouse with Sakura, koalas, elephants and the giraffes seen below in the image from Instagrammer @zarzhik.

instagram guide to nagoya

12. Midland Square Sky Promenade

Across from Nagoya Station stands Midland Square, Nagoya’s tallest building.  The Sky Promenade takes up the top three floors. 

The view is on full display in this daytime image from Melissa Sheehan.

You can see the nighttime view in the below image from Instagrammer D A N I E L A.

A more detailed image of the skyline can be seen in the following beautiful image from @tom_mgln.

13. Oasis 21

Oasis 21 is a mostly underground shopping center and bus terminal located next to the Nagoya TV Tower.  Its modern construction provides many great photo spots, many of which are often illuminated with colored lights.

The famous roof is shown below with the TV Tower in the background in the image from Ruben.

You can see some of the different lighting displayed in the below image from Instagrammer @nahm_happystory.

14. Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle or Inuyama Jo is located in the neighboring city of Inuyama.  This beautiful castle is a protected historic site, being one of only twelve original-construction castles from the Edo Period.

You can see the beautiful castle in the below image from Instagrammer @henrys_creek.

The temple is also home to one of the classic Japanese red-gate tunnels that always make for a great photograph, as seen below, also from Instagrammer @henrys_creek.

15. Nabano no Sato

Nabano no Sato is a flower garden and plant nursery southeast of Nagoya across the river in Mie Prefecture.  Unlike many gardens, you will want to visit Nabano no Sato anytime of the year as something will either be in bloom or, during the winter, they set up a fantastic light display. 

You can see some of the impressive flower displays in the image below from Instagrammer @kats.0311.

nagoya instagram guide

16. Arimatsu

Arimatsu is a historic part of Nagoya, which used to be its own town.  It is a great area to walk around and just enjoy the environment and see some of the old temples, like the one in the image below from Sarah Ridley.

instagram guide to nagoya

17. Port of Nagoya 

The Port of Nagoya, located in Ise Bay, is the largest port in all of Japan.  It is popular for its huge aquarium, but offers many other fantastic photo ops, like the one below from Kimm.

instagram photo spots

18. Noritake Garden

Noritake Garden is much more of an urban garden, a short walk from Nagoya Station, than it is a traditional Japanese Garden.  In addition to the garden, there are restaurants, shopping and other activities.

One of the most famous part of Noritake Garden is the fantastic sakura shown in the below image from Elysia Ang.

nagoya instagram spots

In another great image, this one from Jasmin Gogo, you can see more flowers and the walking paths that provide a welcome break from the surrounding city.

nagoya photo guide

19. Toganji Temple

Taganji Temple is a Buddhist temple in the Motoyama area of Nagoya.  The big attraction at Toganji Temple is the giant green Buddha, which is on full display in the image below from Kate Gibson.

nagoya instagram guide

The enormous scale of the green Buddha can be seen when you pose in front of it, like the great image below from Eliza Morquecho.

nagoya instagram guide photo spots

20. Nittaiji Temple

The Nittaiji Temple is another famous Buddhist temple located in Nagoya.  It was built in 1904 and is the resting place of the ashes of Buddha, which were gifted to Japan from Thailand.

The temple is beautifully captured in the image below from Photographer Kun Mookdasanit.

nagoya photo spots

21. SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

The SCMAGLEV and Railway Park is located in Southern Nagoya in Minato, next to Legoland Japan.  The impressive museum, owned and operated by the Central Japan Railway Company, features 39 full size railway vehicles, a buscab, dioramas and simulators.

With all those trains, there are tons of great photos to be made.  I love the image below with the yellow train from DoiN’ THe MoD.

In the image below from Meow Chaonarai., you can see more of the trains on display, with everything from the modern bullet trains to the older vehicles in the backround.

nagoya instagram guide

22. Legoland Japan

Legoland Japan is a popular theme park located next to the Railway Park in southern Nagoya. 

Besides having a fun day at a theme park, the unique nature of Legoland makes for great images, like the unique carousel featured in the below image from @suya0205.

nagoya instagram photo spots

Japan is one of my favorite places, having served a 2 year mission in Hokkaido. There are so many under-the-radar places to visit besides Tokyo and Nagoya is a great example. Join our Facebook Group and share with us any of your favorite places in Nagoya and let us know if we missed any gems.

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