Museu de Marinha in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

January 1, 201718.5 mm: ISO 300: f/16: 1/60 sec.

This building was connected to the Jeronimos Monastery, but it was also unfortunately closed when we visited on New Years.  I’m not a huge museum fan, but it looks like this one has some very old and unique boats that like I have never seen before so I was interested to go inside.

I loved the courtyard thought and knew I needed an image with all the tile in the foreground.  Unfortunately, it was also pretty windy and cold and I did not want to make my family wait for me to set up my tripod, otherwise it would have been great to throw on an ND filter and capture some movement in the clouds.  At least there was no one else around since everything was closed.

Gear Used:

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