Mt. Jefferson

Eagle Crest, Oregon

July 28, 201743.9 mm: ISO 200: f/9.0: 1/250 sec.

Another morning hike from Eagle Crest was this short hike up a steep hill that is actually located within the neighborhoods of Eagle Crest.  This hill was situated perfectly for a great view of all the Central Oregon mountain peaks.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t great for making any good images though.  Especially with such a boring sky after the sunrise.  The best I could do was getting in close to this scraggly tree in the foreground.  Given the great distance between the foreground and background, I had no choice but to use my tripod and take two images with one focusing on the foreground and one on the background.  I blended the two in Photoshop to ensure maximum depth of field.

Gear Used:
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