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I tested twenty some odd camera straps in the effort to find the best camera strap available. MOD hooked me up good for this project, sending me three straps, two drop in bags, two cap savers and a strap wrap!  The designs I tested included the Green Maze, Sahara and Shot through the Heart.

mod bundle

MOD is a fun camera strap and accessory company from Dallas, Texas.  They use all local products in their aim to create fun and expressive straps that combine fashion with functionality. If you like design and patterns, you have to check out their website as they have so many different straps and accessories that are completely unique to anything else you will find (they might even have one for your college).

All the straps feature their plush signature fabric that goes on your neck.  This fabric is so soft.  For this reason, it is very comfortable to wear in most situations.  Unfortunately though, the plush fabric is not great in the heat and humidity.  I quickly learned that in Vegas as the fabric captures sweat on your neck and you can really feel it.  So you will love the comfort of this strap in most situations, I would just avoid it if you are going to be out in the heat or humidity.

The plush fabric connects to synthetic leather ends, which then connect to the standard nylon adjustment straps.  The straps connect like most of your basic straps with the buckle you thread the strap through.  The buckle was actually really easy to use, but the other little clips that hold the strap tight were a little frustrating to get the strap through.

I thought the Strap Wrap was a really cool accessory.  It is basically a little wallet that attaches to the strap so you can put money, credit cards, filters or even a battery right there on your strap.  Since I always have a wallet, I may not use it much, but I thought it would be great for female photographers, especially at a wedding where they might be wearing something without pockets.

The drop in bags are also a really cool and simple design. You could purchase these as part of a bundle that includes the matching strap and cap saver.  The drop-in bag is a really simple concept that consists of just a small bag that has the matching fabric exterior with the plush fabric on the inside.  You drop your camera in the bag and cinch a drawstring on the top so your camera can be in the bag while you carry it on the strap.  I really liked this because it is a way to add a little extra protection to your camera and lens and it allows you to throw in a few small things if you want.

MOD is a great place to look at if you are trying to find a gift as they have a good price point on a lot of expressive and fun designs over a variety of straps and accessories.  Check back often as they have sales on their website and new designs too.  Also, be sure to look through Amazon for some of their other straps as they have some great deals on individual straps there too.

You can find Mod Straps as low as $15 on Amazon or Mod Straps.  The models I tested are $35 or $79 for the bundle.  For more, check out our Recommended Gear.

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