The Best Place to Kayak in McCall-The Meanders

Unless you are in McCall for skiing in the winter, chances are you want to spend some time on the water. McCall is an awesome location for kayaking, but there is one place that is far better than the rest. The locals call it the Meanders and you will find it at the North Shore.

It’s a bummer that you have to drive all the way around the lake to reach the Meanders, but it is well worth it.

The lake narrows to a wide, slow moving river that takes through some scenic forests and marshes at the base of the mountains.

There are a handful of places you can get out of the water, play in the sand, skip some rocks or jump in the water.

The water is so calm in the Meanders, you will have no problem paddling either way so you simply go as far down as you want to explore and then turn around and head back to the start.

You also have a great chance to see wildlife on this trip. There are always lots of birds, but I’ve also seen deer and even a moose in some of the marshy areas.

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