Luzid Filters: High Quality at a Great Price

As a landscape photographer, a good set of filters are an absolute must.  For me, I need a good set of ND filters and a circular polarizer.  These are by far the most important and the only ones I would suggest to a new photographer.  I wasted a bunch of money on a set of graduated ND filters when I was first starting out.  They have been in my closet for years now untouched.  When Luzid contacted me about testing out their line of filters, I jumped at the choice as finding a great filter at a good price is something I would love to offer our readers.

After testing out the Luzid line of filters, I was overly impressed. Even after using these filters for a couple years now, I still highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality filter at a great price.  Especially, if you are not going to spend big bucks on a filter, don’t go with any other cheap brands you might find.  Even my more expensive Hoya and Tiffen filters sit in my closet now as I only use my Luzid filters.

I tested out the ND1000 (10 stop neutral density), Circular Polarizer and Circular Polarizer/ 4-stop nd filters.  The filters are all made of really quality materials and are awesome to use.  The two CPL filters worked perfectly and did exactly what they were supposed to do.  The ten-stop nd filter also performed very well.  The color cast was far better than most ten-stop nd filters.  The biggest issue was some warming that muted my greens, but really made the sunset pop.  Below are some sample images.

edit no filter

This image was taken with the Luzid ND1000 filter at f/10 and 15 seconds.

raw no filter (3)

This image was taken with no filter at f/18 and 1/125 second.

raw luzid 10 (3)

This image was taken with the Luzid ND1000 filter at f/18 and 6.5 seconds.

raw cpl

This image was taken with the Luzid CPL filter at f/18 and 1/60 second.

raw luzid cpl nd

This image was taken with the Luzid CPL/4-stop ND combination filter at f/18 and 1/15 second.

You should definitely check out the whole line of filters by Luzid on Amazon if you want a really good quality filter at an amazing price.  I have been using these personally for years and a very satisfied.  They also have some new grad ND square filters that are intriguing.  For more, check out our Recommended Gear.

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