Lisbon Alleyways

Lisbon, Portugal

January 1, 201718 mm: ISO 250: f/13: 1/60 sec.

All the little alleyways tucked everywhere throughout Lisbon are awesome.  Here are two of my favorites from my afternoon walk near our hotel.  I really like the colors, light fixture and graffiti in this one, but the air conditioners were a huge distraction I should have gotten rid of.

18 mm: ISO 800: f/9.0: 1/60 sec.

This was probably my favorite alley from that afternoon.  The dark walls and graffiti were great, but the light being on in the middle of the day were a huge stroke of luck.  Unfortunately, I didn’t crop it enough to get rid of the boring space on top.  I had to get rid of it when I posted on Instagram and I liked it much better

Gear used:

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