Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve: A Gem on the UK’s East Coast

Today’s guest feature is of Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve in the United Kingdom, as photographed by Boris Liberman.

Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve

The Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is located along the central eastern coast of the United Kingdom between Newcastle Upon Tyne (I need to hear the story of how that city name came to be) and Edinburgh.  According to Boris, it is a quite famous location in the area.  In the image, you can see a causeway that goes underwater during high tide.  I loved this image initially just because of the appearance of all these boats that look abandoned.

Boris says this is a “wonderful wonderful location,” with warm and inviting people, and marvelous weather and fresh air.  He says the beautiful shoreline appears to go on forever with wet sand that is very pleasant to walk on.  Boris said his 9-year old daughter had a great time running around, which is always a plus to find something to entertain the kids to give more shooting time.

The Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve is also a great location for bird photography, as the 3,541-hectare (8,750-acre) reserve was originally founded to safeguard the bird populations specifically the pale-bellied brent geesepinkfooted and greylag geesewigeons, grey plovers and bar-tailed godwits (once again, where did these names come from!).

The featured image

The above image was taken back in 2005 during the early days of Digital SLR cameras.  Boris says this image was taken during his first trip abroad with his new Pentax istD.  That camera was the first DSLR from Pentax, released in 2003, containing the very popular sensor used by the Nikon D100, producing a 6.1 megapixel resolution image.  The modern version of this camera would have to be the popular Pentax K-1.  Boris paired this camera with the Pentax FA 43/1.9 Limited lens.

Boris made this image while his family was visiting friends that lived nearby.  The friends they were visiting were friends from the Pentax Discuss Mail List (PDML), an international club of people that shoot Pentax gear.

Boris Liberman

Boris Liberman is a software engineer that likes to shoot nature, street and travel photography.  He has maintained a great photography blog for an impressive 8 years.  You can read his blog here and see more of his work at 500px.

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